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Physiotherapy & sports injuries in Hampton


A detailed examination and assesment leading to a treatment programme tailored to your needs

How it works

Diagnosis of your problem - restoration of joint mobility - relief of pain and nerve mobility

Your doctor

Referral from your doctor is needed for treatment under medical insurance

Further aims

Stabilise and strengthen weak muscles - Teach preventative exercises against further problems


Physiotherapy in Hampton, London
Sian Baker Grad Dip Phys MCSP KCMT is a senior clinician - registered with the Health Professional Council - specialising in out patient physiotherapy, sports injuries and acupuncture in Hampton
As well as a post graduate qualification through Keale University as a Kenetic Control Movement Therapist.

Sports physio in Hampton

The Approach Practice offers physiotherapy in Hampton for the following problems: Back / neck pain including Sciatica; Disc Prolapse; Joint stiffness; Sports injuries; Soft tissue injuries including muscles, tendons and ligaments; Knee / foot / ankle pain; Shoulder / elbow / hand pain
Also Biomechanical problems; Arthritis; Whiplash; Headaches; Occupational problems (ergonomic advice); Muscles imbalance/weakness; Rehabilitation programmes / post surgery recovery; Sacro iliac joint problems (including pre & postnatal) and more
Physio for sports injuries in Hampton


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